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  • August 12th, 2014

Sakura is a Japanese term for Cherry Blossom Trees. This was something given to the citizens of Toronto from the Japanese people as a way of saying Thank you for helping in time of need. You can find these trees at High Park Trail, and Grenadier Pond.


Cherry Blossom Trees aren’t only significant for that reason, they have also become very famous amongst our Brides of 2014! Diya Decor’s brides’ are loving the Cherry Blossom Trees to incorporate into their decor. The trees are a great accessory to place on stage, they’re a beautiful colour, and definitely trending for 2014.


Take a look at some of the pics below to see how amazing they look!


IMG_20140607_224541 IMG_20140803_203017 20140802_173853 2014-08-12 14.17.05