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  • August 12th, 2014

Sakura is a Japanese term for Cherry Blossom Trees. This was something given to the citizens of Toronto from the Japanese people as a way of saying Thank you for helping in time of need. You can find these trees at High Park Trail, and Grenadier Pond.


Cherry Blossom Trees aren’t only significant for that reason, they have also become very famous amongst our Brides of 2014! Diya Decor’s brides’ are loving the Cherry Blossom Trees to incorporate into their decor. The trees are a great accessory to place on stage, they’re a beautiful colour, and definitely trending for 2014.


Take a look at some of the pics below to see how amazing they look!


IMG_20140607_224541 IMG_20140803_203017 20140802_173853 2014-08-12 14.17.05

Yiwu – The Shopping Heaven!

  • June 3rd, 2014

I know what most of you are thinking; what is Yiwu? Where is it? And what is so good about it?


Well let me answer all of your questions!


Yiwu, China is one of the world’s largest wholesale markets. You’ve probably never heard of Yiwu, but you definitely own a number of items from there. Back in December our team headed to China to do one thing, and one thing only – Shop for Diya Decor. Now we visited a few cities, Guangzhou being one of my favourites. The city had an amazing nightlife, especially after a long day of work! Although, I have to say Yiwu was truly our shopping heaven. Now for Sarika and myself China was an eye opening experience. We got to see how some of our vendors operate, their working conditions, and the amount of time and hard work they put into making their products. People all around the world were visiting China to look for vendors, network, and purchase items. Literally, anything you needed you could find in Yiwu. I’m not just talking about business items; I’m talking from household items, decorative items, fashion accessories, kitchen supplies, and the list goes on, and on, and on.




I don’t think I can explain how BIG this mega center is…but maybe if I give you some numbers you can just imagine how gigantic it really is! “This Mega center occupies about 46 million sq. ft., with 62, 000 booths inside. The center opens at 9 and closes at 5pm, they have over 100, 000 suppliers exhibit 400, 000 different kinds of products, and about 65% of these products are exported to over 215 countries/regions.” (http://www.businessinsider.com/yiwu-china-largest-wholesale-market-2011-10) Shocking right??? I could not believe my eyes!




From a business perspective, every year Diya Decor is looking to expand their inventory, to bring something new and exciting to our clients, and well where else can you possibly go other then China to find exactly what you are looking for? I mean we worked long days, from morning to night trying to find new items and sets to bring back for our 2014/2015 clients. We were completely exhausted, but we are truly very fortunate and blessed to have had this opportunity. We are extremely excited to share our new sets, and items coming soon, and cannot wait to hear what our future brides’ and grooms’ think. Trust me when I say you will be blown away!


Here are my top 6 reasons I recommend going to China at least once in your life whether it be for business or personal reasons:


1. Cheap prices

2. Latest products

3. All Year around exhibition

4. Direct contact with the supplier

5. Low MOQ (Minimum order quantity)

6. Quick Delivery



Diya Decor’s Design Trend Favs for 2014

  • February 24th, 2014

So with the wedding season fast approaching, our customers want to know the event design trends for this coming year. Here are our favourites…


Ushering Dark Glam:

Move over white, there’s some new tones in town. White has always been synonymous with the word wedding no doubt, but what’s wrong with plum, emerald green, and navy blue?  Collaborating with more daring and unexpected colors, shows a sense of confidence in your design. When incorporated using rich textures, such as velvet and silk crepe de chine, these colours can enhance an event to resonate the very essence of “Glam”.  Paired with metallics and shiny acrylics, these hues can turn an expected wedding into startling vogue.



Metal Montage:

In the coming year, Mixology doesn’t only have to occur behind the bar.  A good event designer can incorporate different types of metal finishes without your decor looking too eclectic. Brass can be used with gold, while copper is enmeshed with silver. If done right, no one will even notice the paradox in design.



Blossoming Prints:

There’s something really enchanting about organic textures such as dogwood, or birch being used as part of your décor elements. Diya Décor has been asked time and again to “bring the outside in”.  Simply, using blossoming prints in your décor design can produce this trend in 2014. Fabrics and accessorial pieces emanating blooming branches, leaf motifs, and full feathers in conjunction with natural textures is a Diya Décor design trend favorite.





Crazy for Navy!

One of my ultimate “crazy for you” hues is Navy! It’s timeless in my opinion. Classic in its feel, and very sophisticated.  It isn’t what chocolate brown was many years ago; it’s different. Navy has been a serving as a neutral base for many years; paired with red, green, blues, or greys, it’s versatility is more considerate.





Unassuming Combinations:

What isn’t formulaic in its process, is appreciated in design this year.  It’s “expected” to use wood with burlap, and metals with crystals, so it isn’t so trendy. What is appreciated is the idiosyncrasy of the design. Pairing water décor elements with silk Banyan trees and  stone walls is unexpected, and that’s what makes the event so personal in its feel and true to custom design.





Go Big and Go Blue!

If your favourite colour is blue, it’s your year. An event design basked in hues of blue are just so enormous in 2014. Homogenous or with contrast, whatever blues you use, will be a big hit. Indigo with periwinkle, sky with cornflower, all blues are beautiful. Incorporated in your design and event backdrop would be perfectly acceptable.  Blues are perfect for all seasons this year!




Black and White, Keep it Soft Not Sexy!

Black and white on stage doesn’t have to scream Bride of Frankenstein. Black and white can mesh so seamlessly like yin and yang. By using softer fabrics such as sheer and chiffon, these two colours can come together and feel serene and calming and timeless; almost like a sleek black dress pant and white (stripe on stripe) tailored shirt. By adding textures of crystals in either colour can add a flash of luxury without all the gaudinesss. Black and white has always been an understated style but can have a huge impact.





  • February 26th, 2013


Welcome to our new and visually-popping website. We’re really excited about the fresh and colourful esthetic of the Diya Décor site. With this new face, we also have a great 2013 wedding season ahead. With the new décor accessories and structures that we have, we’re committed to some great and glamorous weddings this summer.

We thank you for visiting us, and appreciate you to going through our pictures and “pinning”, “tweeting, or “liking” any one (or many) of them. If you are intrigued and wish to make an appointment, you can call to book an appointment with a member of the Diya Décor team, for a private and personal consultation. Call 647-896-4774.

This new site, new products and services, along with efficient changes within our showroom, we have a lot to be excited about. Stay tuned for more from Diya Décor!

2013 Trends

  • February 26th, 2013




Venus in Vintage
A colour paltette of dusty rose, soft pink, cream, and French green are being really admired by the bride and groom with subtle elegant taste. Incorporating flocked damask tablecloths, with crème napkins and antique silver charger plates can adorn each table, while roses in crystal glassware inspire a cerebral age in time. Lace is the perfect accessory for this trend. Top it off with a brooch accessories and that’s vintage!

Flirty French
Audrey Hepburn in Paris is the muse for this trend. There’s nothing more flirty than long eyelashes and the colour pink. The actress once said – “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

This words of wisdom from Ms Hepburn is everything a bride should experience of her wedding day! There’s othing more sexy than a pink sheer backdrop, a whimsical love seat for bride and beau, and a reception lounge where miniature Eifell towers adorn the top of tables. Just so ooh la la!

The Roaring 20’s
One of the biggest trends we’re going to see for 2013 is a definite influences from the 1920s vintage look. Brides are falling in love with this era! We’re going to see elements from this glitzy decade brought back into wedding fashion. Crystal chandeliers, long strands of pearls glimmering on table décor and part of backdrops, art deco inspired vases, and beaded accessories are just some of the items we can expect to see. Expect to see a return to some of the old world glamour we love!

Make It Fun
There’s nothing more intimate that having your friends pose against a colourful and unique backdrop, using props as limitless jokes and expressions. Pinwheels, paper lanterns, crystals, and damask all make for a great background to any guests picture!

Local – Destination Wedding
For those of you who wanted to go away to get hitched but couldn’t escape, bringing a chuppa inspired structure to your wedding, adorned with swag and or flowers in an ocean inspired palette is the next best thing. Cloths of linen, florals and sea shells fancied on each table, with beautiful hues of taupe, white, and coral is just so breath taking. A bride in her teal blue lengha would be the perfect showstopper!